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Approximately 2300 species of Iranian herbs are in the category of medicinal and aromatic herbs. Of these, 450 species are considered to be medicinal plants that are sold on the groceries. The use of bulk and unlicensed medicinal plants are not recommended even without the consideration of health issues and related standards.
Sunland Packaging and Production Center is committed to provide innovative products that meet health standards in collaboration with research & technology centers and supply and export of medicinal plants namely Damask Rose, Lemon Beebrush, Hibiscus Tea ,Vipers Bugloss ,English Marigold, Lavender, Orange Blossom and other herbs to domestic and foreign markets.

Properties of Herbs

Orange Blossom
•   Strenghtn stomache
•    Effective treatment for insomnia
•    Useful for Nervous System Health and Balance
•    Useful treatment for Nervous and Migraine headache

English Marigold
•   Anticancer
•   Relieve menstrual pain
•   Treatment for gastritis
Reducing Blood Pressure

•   Good for coughing
•   Treatment for anemia
•   Dissolving facial blemishes
Useful for kidney and bladder diseases

Hibiscus Tea
•   Anti-diabetic feature
•   Blood Pressure monitor
•   Reducing bad blood cholesterol
Effective in the treatment of liver disease

Chia Seed
•   Good for stomachache
•   Calcium absorption enhancer
•   Controlling blood glucose levels
Useful for increase metabolism burn body fat

Damask Rose Buds
•   Immune System Booster
•   Cleansing the Liver and Gallbladder
•   Useful for strengthening blood vessels
Useful for strengthening blood vessels

Vipers Bugloss
•   Treatment for confusion
•   Strengthening mental and nervous system
Treatment for inflammation and swelling of the kidney

Lemon Beebrush
•   Improving Digestion
•   Reducing Stomach bloating

•   Useful for Dizziness and Rapid heart rate

•   Improving Digestion
•   Suitable for flatulence
Cough and bronchitis treatment

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